X display rack common styles

X display rack is a kind of exhibition display products with X-shaped bracket on the back for advertising. It is also named Display racks, promotional racks, portable exhibits and Files Racks, Which are widely used in food and beverage, daily chemicals, home appliances, home furnishing, building materials, wine and other industries.

In Europe and America, display racks are products with very high added value, which are used by many users and manufacturers. Some brand Owner have used display racks as a system application for regular promotional items. Whether it is new product launches or holiday promotions, good results have been achieved. It is very helpful to enhance the brand image in the store, create a festive atmosphere, and increase sales.


The x frame is composed of a metal round core, aluminum alloy connecting U-shaped feet, high-frequency welded tube aluminum alloy disc electroplating sleeve, black non-woven packaging, size 60X160cm/80X180cm mounted 22CC PVC, weight: about 0.5kg. The design is simple. It is convenient to transport, easy to store, simple to install, economical and practical, light and easy to carry,. Its weight less than 1.5KG, and it takes less than one minute to install a complete X display rack.

The X display rack is convenient to put away and carry, and can support a larger area of ​​spray painting surface. The cost performance is high. The advertising effect can be comparable to that of roll-up banners.


  1. According to the price range, it can be divided into,

Table X display rack, Economical X display rack, screen printing method, integral components, no need to assemble, with adjustable angle bracket, flexible, small size, and diverse styles.

Strengthen the X display rack, the picture is covered with a matt or high-gloss film on the surface of photo inkjet paper, no complicated assembly process is required, just snap the picture and the hanging point of the display rack.

  1. According to the appearance, it can be divided into,

Water injection X rack, economical X display rack, retractable X display rack, all aluminum alloy retractable X display rack, etc.

Similar display rack series: floor-standing display rack, hanging display rack, special-shaped display rack, aluminum Korean X display rack, new Korean X display rack, luxury water injection X rack, etc.

  1. According to the material classification, it can be divided into,

Ordinary plastic X display rack

Ordinary iron X display rack

Ordinary aluminum alloy X display rack

Eco-friendly new bamboo X display rack


Desktop size: A3, A4 20*42 cm

Regular size: 60X160, 80X180cm