On the day of October 10th, Guangzhou Fortune Company held a birthday party, celebrated the Long-term employees’ birthday. The people who attended the party were colleagues in our business department and warehouse department.

Just a few days before October 10th, our Leader Ms Xu, had planed and prepared the celebration goods. She bought some fruits, snacks, drinks and birthday cakes, and also prepared comfort gifts and red envelopes for employees.


The held time was 15:00 pm, people came together to celetrate. They sang a birthday song, ate foods and chatted. The party enhanced the colleagues’ friendship, their relationship are more Harmonious and they felt relax at the party.

We beliave that through that party, everyone would work harder, more focused and more cohesive.

Fortune company are always the excellent suppler, provided the best service for you. We look forward to long-term cooperate with you. Guangzhou Fortune wish you prosperous and your families happiness and good healths.

Guangzhou Fortune Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.