Christmas is also known as Christmas, translated as “Christ Mass”, a traditional Western festival, celebtrated on December 25th each year. Mass is a kind of liturgy of the church. Christmas is a religious festival, because it is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, hence the name “Christmas”.


It is said that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and was born of the virgin Mary. God even sent the messenger Gabriel to tell Joseph in a dream that instead of wanting Mary because she was unmarried and pregnant, he wanted to marry her and named the child “Jesus”, which meant that he would save the people from their sins. Rescued.

When Mary was about to give birth, the Roman government issued an order that all people in Bethlehem must declare their household registration. Joseph and Mary had to obey. When they arrived in Bethlehem, the sky was faint, and the two of them could not find a hotel to sleep in. There was only one stable for temporary accommodation.

At this moment, Jesus was about to be born. So Mary had to be on the manger and gave birth to Jesus. In order to commemorate the birth of Jesus, later generations set December 25th as Christmas and celebrate Mass every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus.


Christmas cards
Christmas cards are very popular in the United States and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with the cards. The news generally includes the advantages and specialties of family members in the past year. On Christmas Day, it is pointed out that the ideal of one world and one world can only be achieved through words and deeds of peace and love. Sending Christmas cards, in addition to expressing the joy of celebrating Christmas, is to bless relatives and friends and express the feelings of nostalgia. Especially for relatives and friends who are in loneliness, it is cordial care and comfort.
Santa Claus 
Santa Claus was originally the bishop of Mella, Asia Minor. His name was Saint Nicholas. He was revered as a saint after death. He was an old man with a white beard wearing a red robe and a red hat. Every Christmas he drives from the north in a sleigh pulled by a deer, enters each house through the chimney, and hangs Christmas gifts in socks on the children’s bedside or in front of the stove.
Christmas stockings
Christmas stockings used to be a pair of big red socks, regardless of size. Because Christmas stockings are used to hold gifts, they are children’s favorite things. At night, they will hang their stockings by the bed and wait for the gift the next morning.
Christmas hat
Christmas hat is a red hat. It is said that in addition to sleeping peacefully and a little warmer when you wear it at night, you will also find that there are more gifts from your loved ones in the hat the next day.
Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations include Christmas trees decorated with Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. Indoors are decorated with garlands and evergreen plants. The special holly and mistletoe are traditional materials. In North and South America and a few European regions, outdoor decorations are traditionally decorated with lights, including sleighs, snowmen and other Christmas images decorated with lights. Holly and mistletoe are traditionally used materials. The municipality also supports Christmas decorations, hanging Christmas slogans on the streets or placing Christmas trees in the square.
Christmas tree 
Christmas tree is one of the most famous traditions in Christmas celebrations. Usually people put an evergreen plant such as a pine tree into the house or outdoors around Christmas and decorate it with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. And put an angel or star on the top of the tree.
In this festival, wish you and your families a happy a merry Christmas.
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