Crystal color lattice is a new type of spray-paintable reflective material. Gum-based reflective materials have excellent reflective properties. It can also be processed by inkjet, silk screen and lettering to make various traffic signs, small billboards and advertising fonts, which are used in various places.

1. Super reflective intensity: Based on the microprism retro-reflection technology, the reflective intensity reaches 300cd/lx/m2.
2. It can be directly sprayed: the surface layer is PVC polymer material, which has strong ink absorption and can be directly sprayed.
3. Easy to use: the substrate types include fiber synthetic cloth and PVC calendered film. The fiber synthetic cloth base has super tensile strength, which can be used like ordinary fiber synthetic inkjet cloth, directly sprayed, and directly tightened for installation; PVC The calendered film can be directly pasted on any smooth fabric after being coated with self-adhesive.

Material difference

It is divided into cloth-based reflective materials and self-adhesive reflective materials.
1. The cloth-based reflective material is composed of a reflective layer and a base layer of light box cloth. The cloth-based reflective material can be made into large outdoor billboards after being spray-painted at the inkjet level, which can be used in outdoor environments such as highways, roads, and mines. It only needs vehicle light and can make advertising content clear and bright, with the same effect during the day.
2. The main component of the self-adhesive-based reflective material is a pressure-sensitive adhesive reflective film, which is composed of a reflective layer, a base film, a pressure-sensitive adhesive and a release layer. The main colors are white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange. , fluorescent yellow, brown and more than ten colors.

Reflective structure difference
It can be divided into standard reflective material, wide-angle reflective material and gypsophila reflective material.
1. The standard reflective material has excellent and balanced quality indicators. Due to the outstanding reflective index, it is the product with the largest market demand.
2. The wide-angle reflective material expands the range of the effective reflection angle and widens the application field of the reflective material, but the reflective degree is slightly lower than that of the logo type.
3. The star-shaped reflective material has the effect of twinkling stars when used, which increases the material’s no-flowering function, but in contrast, the reflectivity is low, and it is mainly used in urban environments such as streets, shopping malls and shops.

Weather resistance level difference
According to the service life, it can be divided into 3 years, 7 years and 10 years of weather resistance.

Play a role
1. Compared with ordinary light box inkjet cloth, advertising works 24 hours a day.
2. Compared with auxiliary light source advertisements such as light boxes and external light sources, it is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and has a lower cost of use.
3. Compared with ordinary reflective materials: it has printability, tensile strength and stronger reflective strength, compared to PET.
Fourth, reflective inkjet materials add safety to the road.


Advertising inkjet and road traffic safety supplies.
The advertising inkjet market is mainly used in: bridge billboards, lamppost flags, road column flags, construction site hoarding advertisements, building construction frame advertisements, Optimus Prime billboards, light boxes, advertising stickers, body advertisements, tree screen advertisements, etc.
The road traffic safety products market is mainly used in: temporary construction signs, road signs, anti-collision barrels, road cones, body reflective signs, etc.