A Reflective Flex Banner is a large, flexible vinyl-coated sheet that combines a micro prismatic lens with a durable top layer.It offers excellent warning effectiveness, excellent visibility from 500 meters away, and is ideal for use in outdoor construction or promotional building signs. Its advantages include low weight, high durability, and a wide range of applications. The cost of Reflective Flex Banner is comparable to other types of advertising billboards and signage.
Reflective Flex Banners can be ordered in a variety of sizes, colors, and ink types. This versatile advertising solution is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Using a high-quality reflective vinyl banner can increase the visibility of your advertising messages, whether you’re looking for a bright, vivid sign or a safe, low-cost signage solution, or anything in between. The reflective vinyl banner material is durable and UV- and water-resistant, and can be printed on with standard ink printers or Solvent/ECO ink systems.
Compared to standard banners, Reflective Flex Banners are a cost-effective upgrade. They are made of reflective vinyl film that reflects lighting from passing vehicles. This type of advertising solution is also waterproof, flexible, and UV-resistant. As long as the message is bright, it will stay visible at night. Many different types of printing methods are available for this material. Some of the most common printing methods are solvent/ECO ink and screen-printing.
A Reflective Flex Banner has unique features that make it a great choice for advertising and safety applications. A large 3.2-meter banner can be used in a wide variety of locations. It is inexpensive, durable, and can be designed for a variety of uses. A reflective flex banner is a great investment, so you can’t go wrong with a high-quality, high-reflective Flex Banner. If you’re interested in making an impact, a Reflective Stretch Banner is the way to go.