Frosted Window Film are the perfect solution for your window privacy needs. Not only does it create an upscale diffused look for your office glass, or any type of window signs for that matter, it is much less expensive than traditional etched glass.

Frosted Window Film is a great choice for offices that can benefit from a little privacy. When used strategically, it can help create barriers between offices or cubes, helping workers focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. If you’re worried that this will make your office too dark, don’t—frost films still allow light to enter a space, which makes workers happier and more productive.

You only need some clear water (preferably the soapy water) to apply it. This frosted window film has hidden channels in the adhesive that allows air to escape. Frosted vinyl dries out without bubbles even if your squeegee technique is not the best. The thicker paper backing liner makes it easier to handle and install on any smooth home & office windows surface, bathroom shower doors, glass walls, sliding door, etc.


There are plenty of benefits films offer that you won’t get when you replace your glass entirely. Here are just a few of those advantages:

1.Lower price: Replacing your glass is an expensive endeavor. While the exact cost of the job will vary depending on how much glass you’re replacing and who is doing the work, it’s safe to assume that this enterprise will almost always be more expensive than buying a sheet of vinyl to apply over your glass. If you’re interested in keeping costs to a minimum while still achieving a beautiful and unique look, then decorative films are a perfect solution.

2.Temporary nature: You can always replace glass panes at a later date, but doing so is expensive, time-consuming and troublesome. Vinyl films, on the other hand, are easy to peel off and discard. This makes vinyl the ideal solution if you think you may want to change up your style again in the future. Or, if you only want the decorative glass for a short time while leaving your plain glass intact underneath it, vinyl films are the answer.

3.Easy installation: Most experts will advise you not to install glass yourself, and to bring in professionals to do so instead. This is both a hassle and expensive. When you choose vinyl films, however, you can easily install these yourself when you follow a few simple directions.