Continuous flickering combined with staying can effectively improve people’s visual impact; improve the utilization rate of advertising unit area, and the advertising effect is self-evident like changing light boxes and rolling light boxes.  Various characters and patterns jump in an orderly manner, alternately reflect, and have a strong visual impact. Satisfy the visual experience of viewers and promote advertisers to obtain maximum economic benefits. The LED electronic flashing light box will be a shining pearl of the dynamic light box in the advertising industry in the future.

Environmentally friendly and durable
1. The LED light box adopts ultra-thin design;
2. Using high-quality LED light source, the light box is reliable and durable for a long time, with long service life and extremely low maintenance cost;
3. Diversified design, flexible and changeable flashing methods, more advertising effect;
4. Low-voltage DC power supply, power saving, safety, aluminum alloy frame, safety and environmental protection.

Wide range of applications
Advertising light boxes are widely used in shopping malls, barber, beauty chain storefronts, railway stations, highway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, entertainment venues, bank photo studios and other places.