Main Categories And Scope Of Advertising Flag 

With the increasing commercial activities, advertising beach flag should be widely used. As an excellent display device, it is an important device for enterprises to display indoor and outdoor advertising. It can effectively promote the corporate image. 

The custom flag is used in a wide range, flexibly arranged, suitable for opening ceremony, exhibition, market promotion, product promotion, business exhibition, press conference, supermarket promotion, and indoor, outdoor promotional activities and other commercial fields. 

There are many kinds of advertising flags: 1. Flag for waterways 2. Beach flag 3. Enterprise flag 4. Antique flag 5. Colored flag  6. String flag  7. Feather flag  8. Gift flag 9. Hanging flag and so on. 

The advertising flag can be used in various places, portable, beautiful and durable, easy to install and use. 

3M Flag Pole

5M Flag Pole

Shark Flag

 Advertising Flag