The ultra-thin light box, then the ultra-thin light box, is made with reflectors, cold light pole tubes, and light guide plates as the main raw materials. The ultra-thin light box is a multi-functional advertising made of a variety of materials. The carrier, usually, is made using stainless steel and aluminum profiles. The lines of the frame are more elegant and smooth, and the appearance of the entire light box is relatively beautiful. If you go to paint the light box, you are here to paint the light box. Usually use relatively high-end wooden materials and aluminum alloy materials to make the frame. It is to use the photo film to make the picture, and then use the transparent acrylic board to make the light box panel. It is a relatively new type of electronic control. The light box type of the walking painting system has a higher technological content and a more changeable picture, so it is often used in large shopping malls and other places.