Background Board's  Importantance For Meeting Activities 

As a decorative structure of meeting activities, the background board occupies a very important position, so the production methods and materials are described as follows: 

I. PVC  kind: 

  PVC cloth is the most common material to make background board, painted with PVC cloth, covered on the surface of metal truss or wood plate, supported by a tripod counterweight from behind (see diagram below), and the advantages are convenient manufacture, quick installation, four-color printing, relatively low cost, rainproof and sunscreen. The disadvantages are surface reflection, low resolution and poor flexibility, not beneficial to the manufacture of the special background. 

PVC Background board

II. Photo paper photo kind: 

      It is laminated on the wooden board after photo paper inkjet, the advantages are high resolution, weak reflection, convenient for cutting, beneficial to the manufacture of special background, four-color inkjet, the disadvantages are not rainproof, easy for bulging and wrinkling in case of sun radiation or large temperature difference, slow installation and production, and the following is the related photo of photo paper photo background board: 

Photo paper photo background board

Introduction to CN.FORTUNE photo background board: 

(1) The photo picture adopts magnetic force, cover the picture with PVC, and then affix the magnetic strip to the back of the picture, and suck on the shelf through the suction of magnetic strip 

(2) Without magnetic strip and PVC, directly glue the photo picture to the shelf with double-sided adhesive tape. 

(3) For printing cloth, drill the buttonhole around printing cloth, and tie to the shelf with tie bar. 

III. Roll up stand kind: 

    It is portable to display, which is often used in small activities, low cost, can be packed up, convenient to carry, and easy to install. The stand series are novel in style, simple in line, light in weight, portable and convenient in transportation, easy to store and easy to install, out of the box, with aluminum alloy strut, equipped with magnetic strip, so that the picture is attached to the frame and won't fall off, and ensure that the picture can be accurately installed 

3 拉网背景板-2.jpg

IV. Cloth kind: 

  It is the most common way to make early background board, usually tighten one or two layers of cloth on the wood surface, then stick sticky text or stereoscopic writing of benzene board as the theme, because the background cannot carry out four-color printing and the manufacture cost is roughly the same as PVC cloth background board, now it has been basically eliminated and can be rarely seen in the market. 

4布景板-3 压缩.jpg

V. Special kind: 

  According to the activity characteristics and the needs for field effect, background often needs a lot of material elements for rendering, so many shows and stage art elements are also used in the production of the background board, and it is not made in a single way, but with a variety of materials. 

special background board