Backlit PET Film

Backlit PET Film is a way of advertising display, used in shopping malls, exhibitions, corridors and other places where have a lot of people.

backlit PET film

Front Printing Backlit PET Film

Digital Front Printing Backlit PET Film

Eco-solvent backlit PET film

Digital front printing backlit PET film is a type of  PET film appeared in recent years.  That is produced by high-precision commercial printing equipment, which is different from the laser light film that has previously required large film processing equipment. The front printing backlit PET film is made of transparent PET or white PET coating, the substrate thickness is generally divided into 100,125,175 microns.

Equipment type

At present,  It is mainly produced by the three major categories of equipment. The first one is the pigment ink of EPSON micro-jet, the second one is HP's thermal foam printer, the third one is outdoor solvent printer. These three have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose and characteristics.


At present, the resolution of commercial equipment up to 1440 * 1440ppi. It is basic to meet the current picky customer requirements.

Technical points

Backlit PET film is the need for color management, We should make detailed color management according to their own equipment and specific for each consumable. It is better to have a dedicated RIP server, professional RIP software. The difference between the management and the management is obvious, even the exact same equipment and supplies are different.

Backlit PET film

waterbase backlit PET film

Backlit PET film uses the transparent PET and coating two coating.  The first layer is for the color layer, and the second layer is for the ink layer. The material is hard and flexible. In the backlight use, the light transmission is uniform. It has a good covering power, will not reveal the outline of the lamp.  Print screen is exquisite and delicate, using 100 u / mPET as the substrate. The unique process makes product with no curly,  the color is more showy after the light, the price is low.  It can be widely used in indoors light boxes advertising windows, propaganda painting and so on.