Banner Material for Great Digital Banners – CN.FORTUNE

Most people will never need to know why one material is better than another, but the company that makes them should know the differences. How a banner will be used should determine the material and finishing used in the production.  Our company offers some idea of the range of uses for a good banner.

A one-time use banner can be printed on very light material, but a banner for a long term promotion may require more durable material. Mesh banner material is a great choice where wind is a concern. Have tiny holes to let wind to pass through, perfect advertising material for windy conditions. Banners with non-curling qualities work very well for tradeshow displays and pop-up stands.  Many times a fabric material is better than vinyl because of the way it hangs.

Each of these materials presents different finishing needs as well. While an outdoor banner may do better with webbing sewn in the seams for reinforcement, this treatment is probably too heavy and too expensive for a one time use event banner.  A banner for a POP display may need to be finished in a way that fits a particular display stand or frame system.

While there is not a single solution for choosing a banner, starting with the use in mind will make the difference in the end result.  You can educate yourself on banner materials by visiting a supplier’s website like CN.FORTUNE.

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