Basic Knowledge Of Photo Inkjet In Advertising Industry

Large advertising picture is generally divided into two kinds: Outdoor advertising and indoor advertising.

There are two different directions for outdoor advertising and indoor advertising. Many friends want to find equipment that can be used both outdoor and indoor, but there is no such machine because of restrictions on ink and printing technology.

These consumables used by these two kinds are generally described as follows: 

A. Indoor photo (Photo machine) 

1. PP film (namely, poster as commonly known, exquisite glue, high accuracy, but there is no adhesive surface, the customers can use double-sided adhesive to affix it to the wall, and it can be used for many times) 

2. PP paper with self-adhesive (the difference from PP film is it has self-adhesive surface, the customers can tear the film from behind and affix it to the wall)

3. Photo paper (also known as poster, exquisite paper, high accuracy, without self-adhesive surface) 

4. Light box film (exquisite inkjet in front of the light box, it is different from the inkjet on the signs on that we usually see, but the inkjet used for the McDonald's menu box, with characteristics of exquisite images, moderate transmission of light) 

5. Ordinary laminating plate for PP paper with self-adhesive 

(It means PP paper with self-adhesive is pasted on a special KT board like foam board, supplemented by edges around to form a picture frame, this material is portable and can be used for decoration and exhibition of company.)

6. High-quality laminating plate for PP paper with self-adhesive (the difference from ordinary plate is that the surface will not produce bubbles after it is used for a long time.)

7. Silk cloth (inkjet material like silk, used for romantic and elegant style display, such as clothing stores etc.) 

8. Canvas (used for romantic and elegant display site, with certain oil painting texture, and can be used for wedding photography, etc.)

9. Transparent self-adhesive vinyl (another kind of PP paper with self-adhesive, but it is transparent, mostly posted at the door, this material is elegant, and it can be selected to display corporate image.)

B. Outdoor inkjet (Inkjet printer) 

1. Frontlit flex banner (the outdoor large inkjet that we see, and this category means light shines on the inkjet cloth from the outside). 

2. Backlit flex banner (the inkjet on the outdoor signs that we see, and this category means light shining in the light box jets towards the outside).

3. Self-adhesive vinyl (used for inkjet on the car body, and this category of inkjet is sticky and anti-sunlight) 

4. Silk-like fabric (used for romantic and elegant display occasions, but this category can be used outdoors) 

5. Mesh flex (mesh inkjet material, used for a kind of material for guests to reflect the special style) 

In the post production process, the output of the image is very important. Generally, the image is saved in the tif or.jpg format, and you shall be aware that there shall be suffix if the image is produced on the Apple computer. We know that inkjet printing is different from printing, and its color is much more colorful than printing, so it is necessary to set RGB mode in inkjet drawing, not CMYK mode. The surface of a picture of a printing jet is often very large, and some small defects are easy to see, so we need to check it carefully once we have finished it. 

Generally, after the image output, we will use the machine to cut it, and for some whose size is greatly different from paper, we need to cut it in a tidy way. When we cut the film, we shall use scissors along the lines, because it will facilitate the film coating, and guarantee quality and success rate. Cutting is also meticulous, the film coating process demands high cooperation among personnel, and the successful film coating for photo inkjet is the highly coordinated product of "paper feeding", "film pulling" and "rolling". 

After completion of the above work, laminating plate and splicing work need to be completed, each process has its requirements, and we all need to complete it as required. 

injet pp

injet pp paper with self-adhesive

injet photo paper

injet Light box film

injet silk like fabric

injet canvas

injet transparent self-adhesive vinyl

 injet frontlit flex banner

injet backlit flex banner

injet self-adhesive vinyl

injet mesh flex