CN.FORTUNE Beach Flag 

Basic parts: Beach Flag pole + Beach Flag face+ base 

Optional accessories: Water bag, Oxford fabric handbag 

1. Beach Flag pole: 

1)Conventional dimension: 2.8m, 3.4m, 4.5m and 5.5m are the total length when the flag face is not installed, and they are not the ground clearance after the flag face is installed.

beach flag Installation.jpg

2)Shape composition: The flag pole is made up of 3-5 rods, and it is divided into shark shape and teardrop shape according to the shape of the flag face to be installed. 

3)Material: Aluminum alloy rod + glass fiber rod 

4)Package: Each rod is provided with a transparent bag, a set of rods is sheathed with a black nylon bag, and several sets of rods are provided with a carton 

2. Beach Flag face: 

1)Shapes: shark shape and teardrop shape 

shark flag/teardrop flag.jpg

2) Material: 110g direct printing double sides visible knitted polyester 

3) Inkjet mode: Sublimation printing 

4) Characteristics: The fabric is soft and has double penetration and hangs well; Bright printing colors, good color saturation; Strong waterproof and anti-ultraviolet function, can be used indoors and outdoors. 

5) Double flag face: Two pairs of single-layer flag face are stitched with black or other colors of cloth sandwiched, so they are made of three layers of material.

3. Base: 

1) Classification: Cross base, plug anchor, car base, wall flag base, square base.

flying banner base.jpg

flying banner base.jpg

2)Iron tube arc cross base and iron plug anchor belong to economic type base, and the price is relatively affordable. 

3)The iron tube arc cross base has two different weights, one is 1.44kg (iron rotor), and the other is 1.12kg (iron rotor + plastic sleeve)


1)Water bag is used along with cross base, generally for light base, more stable outdoors; Heavy base does not need to be equipped with water bag, and the customers can freely choose according to the needs.

water bag.jpg

2)Oxford fabric bags are divided into small and large in size, and small or large bags are used according to the size and shape of the flag pole.

flag banner packing.jpg

beach flag packing.jpg