Beach Flag/Flying Banner Customer: Zaher (We never give up small customers)

This is a story of our customer Zaher from Saudi Arabia who order beach flag.

Zaher inquired at a day of beginning of October.

 “ I want to have some beach flag with good quality, low MOQ and fast delivery.” He said.

Beach flag is display product which for advertising, promotion, decoration. Price is for $30/set, for us 20 beach flag is a very small order, but I am still happy to help Zaher. 

Service is our best advantage!

Our factory always has stock, so our goods were meet his demand. However, he also required air tent, unfortunately we did not produce this model. He told me that he needed a supplier providing both flying banner and air tent. In order to change his mind, I sent a video of our flag for his reference on what’s app, and explained that our factory used new raw material to produce goods to insure good quality. It is very soft to fly in sky and anti UV, best choice for advertising.

Finally, we successfully got Zaher’s order and ship out to him.

After 7 days, he was very satisfied with our goods and shared photos when receiving products. "Will definitely order again with our company.", he said.

CN.FORTUNE always consider customer’s need, no matter the quantity is big or small, we try our best to help small customer to be big!

Customer Zaher with Beach Flag

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