Canvas: A cloth substrate that is coated with a coating base that prevents the penetration of oil, solvents, water onto a specific cloth substrate to draw canvas.

Using for inkjet, photo, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes and other coated cloth which also known as canvas.

cotton canvas


Hand-painted: oil painting, acrylic painting, tempera painting.

Spray printing: wedding photos, personal pictures, copy pictures, interior decoration, exhibition venue layout, product display background, lintel, shutter, store billboards, company profiles, posters, indoor and outdoor advertising, light boxes.



According to the material can be divided into: linseed one, cotton one, chemical fiber (polyester) one, cotton (55% linen, 45% cotton) one, others.

Performance requirements

Hand-painted: dimensional stability, strong elasticity, clear texture, the foundation is not cracking, durability, weather resistance, thick and dense, Bright and smooth, flexible, impact resistance, hair pores less knot, Satisfy the painting creation, save the collection of canvas requirements.

Printing: Bright and smooth, gloss, cloth pattern, coating fastness, coating pinholes, curling, water resistance, adsorption of oil, water-based dyes and pigment ink, inkjet printing resolution.

For indoor and outdoor advertising light boxes, require strong substrates, coating weathering.

Material identification

Generally do not need to do canvas bleaching and dyeing. Because it will seriously damage its strength and durability.

Cotton  and chemical fiber (polyester) has excellent performance as a canvas, used for inkjet canvas. The texture is very good.

cotton canvas fabric

Chemical Fiber Canvas


The purpose of the fabric is to make the foundation into the pore plugging, smooth lines, blocking linseed oil penetration and plus white paint. Therefore, it is more difficult to absorb, but brighter. Making it more dense and thick, in order to better achieve its purpose painters. And make its works have durability, play a supportive and protective work of the product.

Industrial production

Sub-base cloth design, fabric finishing, coating formulations and coating process of four points.

Technical index: Mechanical testing, bending, pinhole, fake eye, oil, oil leakage, gloss, flexibility, thickness.