Our Team Development Training 

On March 29th, our company organized some employees to take part in team development training for two days. Although the weather is not well, the colleagues are still enthusiastic, high-spirited and fully understand the the power of team. 

A total of five companies participated in this team development training. We divided the five teams by company. Each team named their name, compiled the formation, and prepared the slogan. The boss is not in our team. The bosses of other companies have joined our team and become the assistants of our team. This has made us not have the constraints of the upper and lower levels of the company, so that everyone is relaxed.

There are several projects that impress us.

The second project we conducted was to Back fall. In fact, I am very afraid. I am not very confident to say: "I am going to fall." Because we are often deceived and fooled in our lives, we lose trust between people. I am afraid that my teammates can't catch me. When I hear my teammates say loudly: "We are ready, you can fall down". I started to fall, when I fell down, when I was teammate When the warm and powerful arms were firmly caught, I felt the solidity and trust I had never had before. This activity is the embodiment of trust and responsibility. The same is true in the work. As a unit, we must build trust, be sincere, strengthen the cooperation of our various departments, and improve the efficiency of our work.

The third project we conducted was called deaf-mute sorting, but we ended up failing. We quickly found our teammates, but did not lead the unified management, and ultimately there was no way to sort. This event gives us a deep understanding of how important it is to maintain effective communication in our work. Only by interacting with each other can we fully exert our collective strength!

In this team development training, we know our blind spots and the areas to be improved. In the future work, we must exert our potential, overcome psychological fear, dare to challenge, improve interpersonal relationships, learn to care for others, and establish team awareness. No matter what difficulties you encounter, you can make a breakthrough in the sky. It is a step closer to success. Thanks for giving us such a good opportunity, we will work hard to apply what I have learned to the future work and return the company!

team development training

team development training