Our Team Expansion Training

From April 19th to 20th, some employees of our company participated in the second team expansion training. Although there are only two days to expand the training time, the inspiration and experience given to us is a permanent spiritual wealth. No matter what kind of job we are in, we can get a very useful life experience with our heart and soul. Here, let us feel the deepest of the following three aspects:

1. Effective communication can improve work efficiency

Communication is composed of two aspects, one is expression and the other is listening. The three elements of expression: precision, confirmation, and simplicity. Then the three elements of listening are: "No me", repeat, confirm. We tend to feel that we are so good that when someone else speaks, they will interrupt others' speeches, or they will do it directly after they have finished listening. To learn to be "no me", first receive the other party's information, and then repeat the confirmation.

2. Consistent goals, solidarity and collaboration

Each of our members is actively making suggestions and working hard to achieve a consistent goal. There are no perfect individuals, only perfect collectives. As long as everyone is united and united to meet difficulties, they will be able to overcome all difficulties. If we can be like a "victory wall" in actual work, then we will become an excellent team with incompetence and invincibility and strong competitiveness.

3. Breaking through innovation and facing difficulties

There is a good arrangement in training. Everyone makes a summary and impression when the project is completed, and encourages everyone to actively speak and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, we will affirm the outstanding performance made by ourselves and the collective. In our life journey, we need to constantly break through innovation. We need to constantly break through innovation in our work to find out our greatest potential.

Usually, everyone works in different positions, and the work is very busy, and the opportunities for communication and communication are too few. This expansion training provides a good opportunity for this. In these two days, everyone has broken through one difficulty after another and enhanced mutual understanding and trust. Establish a team spirit and overall awareness that must cooperate and support each other in their work.

I believe that everyone has gained more or less inspiration from the expansion, let us realize in the work, benefit from the realization, and bring it into the work after the benefit.

team expansion training