We can name a million ways when it comes to promotion: banner, foamboard or poster all has their own strength, but when it comes to flexibility, there is no doubt that roll up banner tops the game.
Roll up banner is easy-to-install, can be carried around effortlessly and capable to promote anywhere. If you are wondering whether Roll up banner is a good mean to deliver your message, I am sure the below description and installation tutorial can help you with it:

Installing roll up banner is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Place the base to display location
  2. Expand and plug the supporting pole into the base
  3. Roll up the poster and fix it with the supporting pole

The benefits of using Roll up banners:

1.Continuous Promotion

Many companies in the service industry (e.g. Gym, Beauty House) offer “new joiner promotion” to attract new customer, a durable roll up banner serves as a good “salesman” to help promote you business in both indoor and outdoor environment for a long time with its durability.

2.Exhibition Fair

Exhibition Fair is one of the many focuses in a year for many companies; a decent looking roll up banner can definitely help you stand out among the many competitors. The roll up banner provide a professional image of your business while staying In good condition with its high durability, also allowing it to be repeatedly used in different events, saving your time and money cost.

3.Occasional Promotion

Roll up banner is the perfect option to promote any type of flash sale, simply roll up the banner to draw audience with your eye-catching design printed on the poster! Not only is it easy to install its also cheap in cost to maximize your investment.