Double Sided Self-adhesive Tape Film

Double Sided Self-adhesive Tape experts for hanging and mounting, affixing and attaching, joining and bonding.

 If you want to hang up a picture without using nails because you want to remove it later without residue – and also because your landlord doesn’t like holes in the wall. If you are a newspaper printer and want to optimize you splicing processes. Or if you are designing new facade elements that need to stay in place, even during a fierce storm. Then double-sided adhesive tapes are your perfect choice.

Double Sided Self-adhesive Tape are used for many different industrial applications and also by craftspeople and consumers. They are perfect for bonding two parts permanently and irreversible; for attaching them firmly while still being able to reposition them; or simply for affixing things for a limited period of time. Depending on the components used within a tape, the tape offers specific characteristics that make it suitable for specific applications. The kind of adhesives, backings, primers, etc. making up the adhesive tape define its characteristics and can be adjusted perfectly to the demands of an application.

Double sided Self-adhesive Film is a acrylic adhesive tape coated with adhesive on both sides, which can help other non-adhesive materials turn into high quality self-adhesive products quickly and easily. Our double-sided self-adhesive tape are equipped with PH neutral adhesive, suitable for all smooth surfaces, they’re used to replace liquid or spray adhesives and will ensure a clean and safety application. The films have release liners on both sides, easy for manual application. Double sided tapes are simple to use and can also be presented in specific die-cut shapes to aid more precise application. Double sided tapes with acrylic adhesives are suitable for outdoor applications and offer very good resistance to UV light, water and aging. Generally, There is two color of double sided self adhesive film, white and yellow.

Double-Sided Self-adhesive Tape

Double-Sided Self-adhesive Tape

Bonding with a double-sided tape does not harm the material and therefore reduces the risk of corrosion. It can be considered a virtually invisible fastener and helps to keep surfaces smooth and clean. In fact, a tape also has a sealing function and protects against environmental elements or dust. Double-sided tapes are perfect for compensating tension. Forces on the joint are distributed over the entire length of the joined surfaces. Our acrylic foam tapes are able to accommodate material expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes. They even allow for different expansion and contraction values of differing substrates that are bonded together, such as plastic to metal. Our double-sided tapes can be used on a wide range of surfaces including metal, glass, paper, stainless steel, polycarbonate, and many more. Compared to liquid glues, adhesive tapes do not require any curing time or final cleaning. There is also no outgasing of chemicals.

High-performance double-sided tapes withstand extreme climate conditions.jpg

High-performance double-sided tapes withstand extreme climate conditions