Eco-solvent &Solvnet Inkjet Printing Media For Advertisment

  1. Inkjet Printing Media -Self-adhesive vinyl: 

    Self-adhesive vinyl

Applicable place: The most common is the bus body advertising 


1) According to the color of the back of PVC film, it can be divided into transparent glue, black glue, grey glue self-adhesive vinyl etc. 

2) According to the first layer treatment process, it can be divided into glossy and matte self-adhesive vinyl. 

3) According to the adsorption strength of glue, it can be divided into removable self-adhesive vinyl and permanent self-adhesive vinyl. After the removable self-adhesive vinyl is torn, there will be no residues, and after the permanent self-adhesive vinyl is torn, there will be some residues. 

4) Strong self-adhesive vinyl, and it is not easy to tear after it is posted. 

5) Air bubble free self-adhesive vinyl, there is gas vent behind PVC film, bubbles can be easily discharged in the course of use, and it is convenient to install. 

6) 3D stereo self-adhesive vinyl (also known as multi-lens self-adhesive vinyl), this kind of self-adhesive vinyl has strong stereo vision. 

2. Inkjet Printing Media – One way vision 

One way vision

One way vision: Also known as single-sided vision, "Sunshade punch single-sided vision", and the printing surface is made of PVC material, with drilled holes; It is suitable to be posted on windows, glass doors and windows and glass curtain walls, and has the functions of blocking sunlight and advertising effect. Applicable place: The most common are the window glass advertising in the subway, semi-shading and semi-transparent. 

3. Inkjet Printing Media – Static cling film: 

Static cling film

Single layer material, without glue. Mainly rely on electrostatic adsorption, mainly attached to glass, acrylic and other materials with smooth surface, and it is easy to fall in a long time. 

Classification: there are white static cling film and transparent static cling film according to different colors. 

4. Inkjet Printing Media – PP Paper/PP paper with self-adhesive 

PP Paper

PP paper with self-adhesive

Basically matte, rarely glossy. 

5. Inkjet Printing Media – Water-base PET film 

Eco-solvent PET film

Water-base PET film is the material to make the picture of LED light box, and can be often seen in shopping malls, exhibition, corridor and the places with many people. 

6. Inkjet Printing Media – PET Film grey back 

PET Film grey back

The back is grey, with shading effect, can be used for roll up stand and X banner stand. 

7.  Inkjet Printing Media – Eco-solvent photo paper is divided into glossy and matt 

Eco-solvent photo paper high glossy

Eco-solvent photo paper matte

8.  Inkjet Printing Media – Poster paper 

Poster paper

Function: Used for making posters and other promotional pictures. Ordinary single-layer paper. Can be easily torn. 

9. Inkjet Printing Media – PVC film, rigid PVC film 

PVC film

rigid PVC film

These two materials feel hard, can be used for stand picture