Static Cling Film

Static film is a non-adhesive film, which mainly made of PE, PVC material. Since the product itself electrostatic adsorption to protect the adhesive on the goods,  it generally used for adhesive or glue residue sensitive surface. What's more, it used for glass, Lens, high-gloss plastic surface, acrylic and other very smooth surface.

Static electricity outside the electrostatic film that we can not feel. It is from the mucous membrane. The adhesion is low, used in the high-bright enough. And the general thickness of 300mic,  500mic, 800mic. The color is transparent.

There is a another specified static cling film for advertisment industry. Generally, it divide into transparent one and white one. The common specification is 150mic pvc film, 140g liner. And the common size is 1.07/1.27*50m. It also can be customizable.

White static cling film

Transparent static cling film