Cn.fortune is a leading x banner stand manufacturer and exports roll-ups worldwide. our economic and portable standing banner is easy to set up and perfect for events, parties, advertising, and promotions. our x banner stand shows your brand, logo, company, and shop exceptionally well. it is cheaply priced for any budget, making it perfect for every trade show exhibitor on the go!
Our x banner stand is made of iron pole and plastic connector, making it lightweight and durable. our sizes include 60*160cm, 80*180cm, or custom sizes.
Cn.fortune has strict quality control and management systems in place, ensuring excellent quality, fast production, and careful shipping. we have experienced display equipment and printing material service staff, providing excellent service to every client.
Contact us to learn more about our economic and portable standing banner. we can arrange transportation by sea or by air, with lead times ranging from 7 to 15 days depending on the order. we also offer oem packing services and will be responsible for any defective goods within two months.
Choose cn.fortune for an exceptional x banner stand manufacturer with excellent quality, affordable pricing, and unbeatable service.