Flex banner stands are a popular advertising tool that can help you stand out at events, trade shows, and other promotional opportunities. it is important to choose the right materials for your banner stands, as the materials will determine the durability and overall look of your banner.
The two most common materials used in flex banner stand construction are polyester and vinyl banners. polyester banners have a matte finish and are ideal for indoor use, while vinyl banners are more durable and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
Let’s explore the differences between these two materials:
Polyester banners:
Polyester banners are made of a lightweight, wrinkle-resistant fabric that is ideal for indoor use. these banners have a matte finish and provide a softer look compared to vinyl banners. they are also easy to transport and store as they can be folded or rolled up without creasing.
Advantages of polyester banners:
– lightweight and easy to transport
– wrinkle-resistant
– more affordable than vinyl banners
– ideal for indoor use
Disadvantages of polyester banners:
– not suitable for outdoor use
– fades quickly when exposed to sunlight
– limited sizes available
Vinyl banners:
Vinyl banners are made of high-quality pvc material and are more durable than polyester banners. they are resistant to sunlight, water, and wind, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. they are also available in a greater range of sizes compared to polyester banners.
Advantages of vinyl banners:
– durable and long-lasting
– resistant to sun, water, and wind
– available in a range of sizes
– ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
Disadvantages of vinyl banners:
– less affordable than polyester banners
– stiff material makes them difficult to transport and store
– glossy finish may not be suitable for all designs
In conclusion, the choice of banner material depends on the intended use and budget. polyester banners are more affordable and suitable for indoor use, while vinyl banners are more durable and long-lasting for both indoor and outdoor use. therefore, choose the material that best fits your advertising needs.