In the world of fashion and beauty, trends are constantly evolving. it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out, but thankfully, we’ve got you covered. here are some of the top fashion and beauty trends to follow in 2021.
1. bold, bright colors
2021 is all about expressing yourself through vibrant and bold colors. whether it’s in your clothes or makeup, don’t be afraid to go for those bright shades you’ve always wanted to try.
2. sustainability
As people become more conscious about the impact of their actions on the environment, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in fashion and beauty. look for brands that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices.
3. natural, glowing skin
The no-makeup makeup look is still going strong in 2021, with a focus on achieving natural, glowing skin. this means investing in skincare products that prioritize hydration and nourishment.
4. retro styles
This year, throwback styles from the ’70s and ’80s are back in a big way. think oversized blazers, bell-bottoms, and bold prints.
5. bold eyebrows
Gone are the days of thin, overly-plucked eyebrows. in 2021, full, bold brows are the way to go. invest in a good eyebrow pencil or try out microblading for long-lasting, natural-looking brows.
Whether you’re a fashion and beauty enthusiast or just looking to update your style, these trends are the ones to watch in 2021. by incorporating these trends into your wardrobe and beauty routine, you can stay ahead of the curve and look your best all year round.