Anyone who knows about PVC FLEX BANNER should know that there are frontlit flex banners, backlit flex banners, blockout flex banners, and mesh flex banners. It can be seen on various advertising lightboxes. So what are the characteristics of these types of PVC FLEX BANNER? Where can it be applied? Follow me below to learn more about it.



Frontlit  flex banner

The Frontlit flex banner is the light box banner in front of the light source, and its light transmittance is generally between 5% and 10%. Generally used in high-rise billboards, highway roadside light boxes, urban high-altitude light boxes, etc.


Backlit flex banner

The backlit flex banner is the lightbox banner used to make the lightbox behind the light source, and its light transmittance is much higher than that of the frontlit banner generally between 25% and 35%. This type of lightbox has weak pressure resistance, so it is generally small in size, mostly small and medium-sized lightboxes.


Blockout flex banner

The blockout flex banner is the lightbox banner in front of the light source, and its light transmittance is generally between 1% and 5%. The shading effect is very good, and it is generally used in display equipment, urban street lightboxes, etc.


Mesh flex banner

There is a layer of single yarn on the back of the mesh with countless small holes on it. The wind can directly pass through the back of the mesh, which can greatly reduce the pressure on the mesh, so it can greatly reduce the pressure of external forces on the lightbox. , so that the picture can achieve a longer outdoor use effect. According to this characteristic, mesh flex banner is often used in the production of super-large signage advertisements and architectural advertisements, as well as waterproof membrane cloth and wall back mesh.


Application of PVC FLEX BANNER

1. Wedding photo studio, home decoration, building decoration, design institute, planning institute, product design center, bridge construction.

2. Decoration and publicity projects for exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, exhibition halls, opera houses, universities, middle schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, and securities.

3. Conference center, exhibition center, certification center, municipal engineering, department store, supermarket chain, shopping plaza, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco, and alcohol trade, fast-food chain, drug chain, stationery center, boutique center, furniture Center, home appliance wholesale, musical instrument monopoly, and other advertising promotion projects.

4. Municipal plane lighting system, square floor lighting project, park attraction introduction project, local lantern fair project, community publicity column project, bus shelter project, bank self-service withdrawal project, telephone booth project, power emergency project, building display project, airport passage project, Subway station exit project, etc.

5. Wall painting beautification projects for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, villas, tea houses, western restaurants, coffee shops, cake houses, bars, karaoke rooms, dance halls, sauna halls, beauty salons, fitness rooms, health care centers, etc.