Two Type Of Ground Cover PVC Film

We supply dull matte type and diagonal pattern type ground cover PVC cold laminating film, they are all widely used in advertising industry.

Ground Cover PVC Cold Lamination Floor Film is made of transparent PVC film with pressure sensitive adhesives, and using this layer bind the film to the material being laminated. Ground cover PVC film is mounted or laminated to graphics by laminator, the purpose is to keep the floor graphics waterproof and anti-slip, also will protect the graphics from scratch and other damages. 


PVC thickness: 0.24mm, 0.29mm

Paper weight: 120gsm, 140gsm, 180gsm

Glue type: permanent

Glue color: clear

Width: 0.635m/0.914m/1.07m/1.27m/1.37m/1.52m, 25”/36"/42"/50"/54"/60"

Length: 50m

Surface:Dull Matte, Diagonal. 

Core size: 3" diameter

Packing: one roll in one standard export carton box


1. PVC Cold Lamination Floor Film use pressure sensitive adhesives, offers excellent adhesion without using heat.

2. Can be mounted or laminated on different kinds of advertising materials, such as PP paper, vinyl sticker, ect.

3. Its a cost effective way to keep the floor graphics waterproof and anti-slip, and protect it from scratch or other damages, will prolong the graphics’ using life.

4. Good transparency PVC film, without any macula, good softness, easy to application on laminator or just by hand.


Mounted or laminated on indoor or outdoor floor advertising posters.

Ground Cover PVC Film (3).jpg