How CN.FORTUNE Celebrate Christmas- Christmas Traditions Around The World


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Although Christmas is a holiday introduced from the West, Christmas is as hot as China in other countries. In China, there is a custom of sending apples to relatives and friends on Christmas Eve, and this custom is actually created by the Chinese. Apple's "Ping" is the same as Ping An's "Ping", so there is a custom of sending apples on Christmas Eve. Even foreigners are eager to vote for the Chinese people's brains.

How people celebrate Christmas in the world?

Universally recognised, it is an event which language, and international borders, bringing people together through Christmas games, presents, food, and traditions. What is fascinating is the different ways in which we see Christmas around the world.

1.   England

Advent calendars and candles count down the days to Christmas Eve, trees are dressed and houses decorated, and on the 24th, Father Christmas visits down chimneys to leave presents for children on the ‘Good’ list.


2.   Malta

The Maltese will also enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch, famous for the sheer amount of food! Consisting of the largest capon, which has been roasted at the local bakery with vegetables and potatoes, followed by the Treacle Ring and washed down with a delicious hot Chestnut and Chocolate beverage, the dinner is a wonderful time to spend with family and indulge!


3.   France

Leading up to Christmas, children will write letters to Pére Noel, and it has been French law since 1962 that all letters must receive a postcard in reply!


In return, they will leave shoes by the fire, in the hope that he will fill them with presents and sweets, in a contrast to the stockings found elsewhere.

4.   Spain

Spanish Christmas traditions are focused closely on religion, with most people attending ‘La Mis Del Gallo,’ – The Mass of the Rooster.


5.   Japan

Christmas in japan.jpg

Still not seen as a religious holiday, there is more of a focus on spreading happiness, and Christmas Eve, is seen as a romantic day for young couples to exchange gifts and tokens, look at the Christmas lights, and eat a romantic meal; unlike many countries, the Japanese pick fried chicken as their Christmas dinner!

Let's celebrate Christmas together!

All CN.FORTUNE staffs wish all people from the world: Happy Chrismas and Happy New Year!