Teardrop Banners are a fantastic way to promote your business for a very low cost. Here are some tips on how to set up your Teardrop Banner and how to care for the fabric banner.

Setting up your Teardrop Banner will only take a few minutes.

1.First, you unpack the poles and assemble the flagpole by joining the separate pole pieces together from largest to smallest. Simply insert one end of the poles into the other and push them together.

2.Now the pole has been assembled it is time to attach the teardrop banner. Start by inserting the top of the pole (the smallest section) into the bottom rod pocket of the banner and push the pole all the way through the rod pocket until it reaches the very end. The end of the rod pocket has a reinforced section – and it is important that the tip of the pole remains in this reinforced section. If you allow it to come out of this reinforced section it can damage your banner.

3.You now pull the banner all the way down the pole (while pushing the pole into the banner) and will notice that the top of the pole will start to bend. Keep pushing the pole and pulling the banner until the pole has bent into the full “teardrop” shape and the banner can go no further.

4.Then follow the Flag Tensioning Guide to secure the flag onto the pole.

5.Once your flag base has been placed in its correct position, you can now insert the bottom of the pole into the spindle on the base. Your Teardrop Banner is now set up and ready to use.

Although the Teardrop Banner is very durable and designed for outdoor use, we recommend that you do not use it outdoors during extreme weather conditions to avoid any possible damage.