The reflective film comes from a special structured PVC film that uses optical principles to retro-reflect light back to the light source. Then it comes from a film layer with good weather resistance, a giant glass bead layer, and a focusing layer. Reflective layer, adhesive layer and release layer
The secondary quality identification points of the reflective film are the material of the film, the reflection coefficient of the glass beads, the bead rate, the dead bead rate, the uniformity of the color, the weather resistance, the viscosity of the adhesive layer, etc.
The grades of reflective film are divided into diamond grade, high-strength grade, engineering grade, economic grade, license plate grade, maritime grade, and super gun grade.
When it comes to the reflective film, it is mainly used for various road and railway guide signs, signs, mine airport safety signs, stage scenery, trademarks, place names, license plates, etc.