Flex printing has always been growing in popularity, and one of the major reasons that it is performing well is because of its cost-effectiveness and its ability to sustain severe weather conditions. Flex banners are advertising tools that are designed to meet the needs of experts and are one of the favored mediums of advertising.

Flex Banner is a type of PVC material that contains organic compound mixtures. As it is extremely durable and lightweight, it becomes very convenient to be able to print on it. They are lightweight and pretty easy to be carried, which ensures that they can be easily put up and taken down and also carried from one place to another if the need arises. Flex printing can be used in many forms, ranging from hoarding printing to canvas printing and from backdrop printing to banner printing. Flex can be considered as the material of choice in many different fields owing to its properties.

Types of Flex Banner?

The most widely used types of banners today are frontlit, backlit and block out flex banners. Based on your requirements like events, product promotion, or roadside billboards customers can choose the type of flex banners:

1) Frontlit Flex Banners: Frontlit Flex Banners can be defined as when lights are pointing towards the front face of the banner such banners are said to be front-lit banners. These banners come in both types of matt and glossy finish.

2) Backlit Flex Banners: As light is coming from the backside of the banner, projecting clearer and more visible image due to low translucency. These banners tend to have high transmittance and are visible from a long-range.

3) Block Out Flex Banners: These types of flex are highly preferred for displaying high graphics advertising, due to its material unique quality of printing on both the side. You must have seen banners hanging in the malls printed on both sides such banners are known as block-out flex banners.


Advantages of Flex:

  1. There are a lot of advantages of using a Flex banner for any marketing and advertising campaign.
  2. They are also comparatively cheap and affordable for the customers compared to the other advertising platforms like TV.
  3. Flex banners are visible from a long distance as well because of the bold fonts and colors. It becomes impossible for people who pass by to not notice a flex banner.
  4. Flex banners are easy to roll up and transport whenever necessary. These signages provide multipurpose use and can be carried to different events and displayed repeatedly over time.
  5. Flex banners are durable in nature. This helps preserve the banners in their true shape for a number of years.

You can showcase your business to potential customers with a variety of media and advertising techniques. While multimedia displays and digital marketing should be a consideration for any marketing plan, the age-old traditional marketing methods, printed signs, and banners, still offer many advantages to businesses as stated above.