Window signs are eye-catching, help clients to find you and inform potential customers about opening hours or special deals. They can create interest in your building’s exterior or provide privacy within your walls. Getting window signage right is a matter of suiting your business, reflecting your brand and working with professionals for a quality job.

1.Window Signage For Privacy

Whether or not you’re offering a sensitive service or product, your customers might appreciate the privacy that window signage provides. Use signage that spans the length of your window to give people inside complete peace of mind.

For shops and storefronts, brightly coloured graphics that match your brand work well, pairing privacy with a bold marketing boost. For offices like lawyers, frosted windows will obscure vision while keeping the style sophisticated. You could also opt for perforated decals, which offer one way visibility so people inside can still see out.

2.Use Windows To Communicate With Customers And Clients

Whether it’s in a restaurant, office or storefront, window signage has an undeniable ability to draw people in. That makes them effective spaces to promote monthly specials, showcase employee awards and disclose opening hours. Premium window graphics are great ways to communicate these messages with your audience.

3.Window Signage Makes A Statement When Space Is Limited

While buildings encased completely in glass are attractive, they offer little wall space for traditional signage. The benefit is, all that glass is an excellent opportunity for bold window signs. Through attractive lettering and clever imagery, signwriters can transform your windows into a statement piece that catches the eyes of passersby and directs them to your door.

4.Increase Comfort And Safety

Window signage and frosting also play a major role in reducing glare, heat and UV rays within your walls, while still letting natural light in to brighten up the space.