The Basic Information Of One Way Vision

one way vision film/vinyl/mesh

One way vision: also known as one way vision film, "shade punch one way vision", is a good effect of advertising materials that is black, white PVC laminated pressure-sensitive adhesive attached to the release of paper.  It uses for posting window, Glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall or vehicle glass surface.  It not only can block the sunshine, but also can display the advertisment.


1.  Bus shelters, exhibition centers, telephone booths, conference centers and outdoor glass curtain wall.

2.  Bus, taxi rear window, large high-level commercial cars, subway, freight vehicles body advertising.

3.  The glass window on Fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, banks, lounges, hotels, motels, small retail stores.


Thickness of the pvc film: 120um / 140um / 160um                                                  

Release paper weight: 120G / 140G

Size: 0.914 / 0.98 / 1.07 / 1.27 / 1.37 / 1.52 * 50m

Using  precautions:

the perforation through the pores of the hole is easier to absorb water, especially the rainy day hole after the water will affect the driver's visual effects.  If the one way vision cover a layer of protective film, the above water can downstream.  Traffic safety performance greatly improved.


1. Shade punch one way vision (small hole)

Perspective rate is about 30%, poor perspective, but the advertising screen is more clear, attached to much ink. It is suitable for the glass surface posted, whose perspective of the effect is not good For example,  window, building exterior glass, conference center hall glass , The airport waiting room, gas stations, etc. 

2. Shade punch one way vision ( middle hole)

Perspective rate is 30% to 48%, good perspective, safety factor, suitable for advertising inkjet industry. It can be used in high-demand effect of the glass surface posted, such as cars, buses, subways, trains, windows, glass and so on.

3. Shade punch one way vision (large hole)

Perspective rate is 48% to 50%, perspective effect is higher, the safety factor, suitable for the glass surface posted which is  high perspective effect, such as: bus, taxi, window, door glass.

4. Screen printing one way vision

Perspective can be adjusted according to need, product cost is low, but the production process is more cumbersome, the general four-color silk screen to go through at least seven processes.The product has a shorter duration (for a period of 6 months).

Advantages :

One way vision and other advertising materials compared to the advantages of the following:

1. The advantages of high-quality one way vision is that from the car outward look in no way affect the car staff (especially the driver) line of sight. Good single pass, its light transmission rate can reach 5: 5 (light transmittance of 50%), and posted before the glass is the same light transmittance, but the effect of the two are significantly different in the post one way vision, you can see a beautiful picture of advertising. In this way, not only beautify the city, but also increased the advertising effect.

2. The advantages of one way vision is obvious than the expensive solar film. Solar film in the sun's exposure has become very hot, brittle, easy Alice side. Of course, one way vision not only can play the effect of shade, because the sun through the one way vision  hole, the light has become very soft, plus part of the light (ten times stronger than the sun film. Sitting in the car everyone can feel, posted on the single side than posted the sun film line of sight more clearly, feel cooler.