What Has Been Changed Since The Advent Of Outdoor Advertising Machines? 

With development of the society, the advertising industry is gradually transforming from traditional static billboards to dynamic digital, transmission of dynamic digital information shall be completed with the outdoor advertising machine, so the outdoor advertising machine is not affected by the weather and accurately transmits the outdoor information, so that the people can enjoy good visual and auditory effect. 

Outdoor advertising machine itself has a functional system that can be widely applied, including its all-weather application to outdoor advertising broadcast, outdoor public information release, outdoor media communication, touch interactive query fields, and while improving the picture level, it can also reflect a lot of detailed elements. It also studies the influence of the billboard on the visual effect under the strong light, and finally makes the billboard display at high resolution. 

In a word, outdoor advertising machine has the following characteristics: 

Firstly, all-weather, high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, visible under strong light.

Secondly, waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft, anti-lightning, anti-explosion, anti-reflection, anti-electromagnetic interference, intelligent temperature regulation system, adaptive temperature: -30℃-65℃, humidity: 10%~90%.

Thirdly, intelligent brightness control, vary with the environment, automatically adjust brightness, energy saving, environmentally friendly, and avoid light pollution.

Finally, intelligent switchgear control. 

 Outdoor advertising machine

 Outdoor advertising machine

 Outdoor advertising machine