Outdoor billboard production and material selection

Outdoor billboards should be used between the steel structure and concrete structures embedded parts. non-use of friction-type expansion bolt anchorage. When it is true that unconditional placement of special embedded parts, should be taken other reliable connection measures, but must be calculated by force and test to ensure safety. Wall billboards should be attached to the wall of a house or building. We need to check the wall of a house or building whether can reliably withstand billboard convery.

Outdoor billboards should be set to consider the city planning, municipal utilities status, the surrounding environment and the maintenance conditions after the completion.

Outdoor billboards shape should be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Outdoor billboard fire, GBJ 16 should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

The design of outdoor billboards should be entrusted to design institutes with the qualification of building design B above.

Outdoor special billboard steel structure selection, layout and construction should be easy to make, install, maintain. And structure stress is simple and clear, reducing stress concentration. Outdoor billboard steel structure to bear the main wind load, should adopt the fasting structure and strive to reduce the wind area.

The minimum wall thickness of the steel plates (steel pipe, channel steel and flat steel) used in billboards exposed to outdoor environment shall not be less than 3mm, the diameter of round bar used should not be less than 10mm, the angle of welded structure should not be less than ∟45 × 4 or ∟56 × 36 × 4, bolt angle should not be less than ∟ 50 × 5.

Refers to the names of enterprises and public institutions, individual industrial and commercial households or other social organizations set up with positions such as signs, light boxes, neon single characters, etc. as their media forms, their registered addresses in their own units and their own or leased buildings and structures (Including logo, etc.). Refers to the city roads, roads, railways on both sides of the urban rail transit line part of the ground, river and lake management and plaza, body advertising, buildings, structures, with light boxes, neon lights, electronic display devices, display cards as a carrier Forms and commercials set on the transport.

Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard