photo machine

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With the continuous development of photo machine technology, printing accuracy, function and stability have improved. Nowadays, the demand for photo machines in various industries is not limited to advertising inkjet and photo printing. In addition to the expansion of the scope of application, what are the printing materials for photo printers? What about the material?

In the use of daily photo machine, commonly used printing materials such as: photo paper, adhesive photo paper, PP paper, rigid PVC film, PVC transparent film, backlit PET film, photo fabric, canvas, transparent film, white canvas, Satin etc..

Outdoor photo and indoor photo often choose different printing materials according to different scope of use. The so-called weak solvent photo machine refers to the use of weak solvent ink printing media, and the outdoor high-precision photo machine can use weak solvent ink. Ordinary photo machines generally refer to foamy photo machines, and there are quite a lot of such models. The surface of the car sticker material is uncoated, and it needs to be painted with a machine of oily ink. Generally, it is mostly made by a large inkjet printer, and the precision is relatively low.

In addition, the photo machine is used for indoors and outdoors. The indoor use of water-based ink, suitable for spraying on coated media, while the outdoor photo machine uses weak solvent ink, similar to oily ink, can be directly Sprayed on uncoated media, so the inkjet printer and outdoor photo machine can spray the same material, and the indoor photo machine can't do the work of the car sticker. Writing in KT board's photo paper is generally made of PP backing photographic paper, which belongs to the indoor photo consumables. If it needs to be stored for a longer period of time, it is better to give the surface peritoneum a protective effect.

With the continuous improvement and improvement of technology, the printable materials of photo machines are also increasing.