PP Synthetic Paper Product Applications

Comparing synthetic paper with conventional paper, its characteristics are beyond traditional wood pulp paper with better rigidity, water resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, fold-ability, print-ability, and long lasting. The applications are more than traditional wood pulp paper.

The main purposes of synthetic paper are as below:

1.Premium printing quality:

Synthetic paper print-ability is better than traditional paper and could be a good alternative for various printing applications.It is applicable for diverse printing methods,including offset, rotogravure, letterpress,screen and digital printing,and can be converted into premium products, such as posters,books,magazines,catalogs,brochures,menus,business cards,maps,calendar,banner,aviation tag,and more.

2.Label stickers:

for bottles or containers such as detergent container/bottle,shower gel bottle,shampoo bottle, bottled water, beverage, wine…etc. Water resistance and weather resistance are the advantage of synthetic paper which is excellent for various kinds of ice cream products, cold drinks, frozen food packaging.

3.Packaging :

Synthetic paper is suitable for all kinds of printing and non-printing packaging applications such as handbags, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, daily necessities packaging, industrial packaging,jewelry hanging bag. Other applications are packaging film, isolation paper,lamination applications, page liner for folder and album…Etc.

4.Other applications:

Coated thermal paper, laser printing paper, ink-jet color photographic paper, CAD tracing paper, industrial computer and instrument tracing paper, express envelope, paper fan, paper umbrella, paper hat, plate…Etc.

Characteristics / Benefits

1. Diverse Product Range:
Complete products for conventional and digital printing applications.

2. Suited For Different Printing Inks:
Special coating technology compatible with all kinds of paper ink and digital printing applications.

3. Print Friendly:
Special coating treatment providing excellent printing process.

4. Fast Drying Time:
Drying speed is almost as same as pulp paper and is faster comparing to other synthetic papers.

5. Environmentally Friendly Materials:
All our materials are applicable with environmental regulations in the USA and Europe. It is 100% recyclable and an excellent replacement of PVC.

6. Reduces Energy Consumption And Increases Efficiency
Special coating technology reduces ink consumption and drying time, hence increasing printing efficiency.

7. Thinner Gauge Films:
Thinner films are available for label applications.