Problem handling of cold lamination film

Method I

When the screen appear a large area of fog

1. Lack of passing membrane pressure – adjust the pressure of cold mounted machine;

2. PVC laminating film machine at both ends of the uneven — adjust the adjustment screw of cold mounted machine spacing to achieve equal distance;

3. Pass paper – the paper surface is not smooth, usually around 25 degrees, 2-3 hours will automatically disappear, and the higher temperature will disappear faster.

4. Pass PP sticker

A. If you don't have a "rough" feeling when you touch the PP sticker image, just do as the above method.

B. If you have a "rough" feeling when you touch the PP sticker image, you need to change the PP sticker.

5. The glue viscosity is not good at low temperature 

A. Increase the using of ambient temperature. 

B. replace the cold laminating film

Method II

After passing the image, it begin to appear the white point

1. glue viscosity is insufficient 

A. Increase the using of ambient temperature. 

B. replace the cold laminating film

2. glue thin — the general distance is not long. It usually occur before and after turning off the machine, and generally pull a few meters can be.

3. Touching the PP sticker on the surface has a rough sense

A. replace the PP sticker

B. using the Anti-UV imange PVC laminating film to pass the image

4. There is dust in the air 

A. purify the operating environment

B. close the air source 

5. Water droplets (such as saliva) is no intention to splash the surface of the image

A. note that the operation, especially not talk to the image

B. dry air temperature, such as, open air conditioning, hot air blower or ventilation.

Method III

When pass the picture immediately appearing the "bubble" 

1. Glue is not "ripening" — change another cold laminating film

Method IV

After pass the image, it is very good. However, after a period of time (or the next day), it will have "bubble".

1. glue is not "ripening" thoroughly

Open PVC laminating film packaging, placed in the air 2-5 days, so that glue in the natural conditions of full "ripening".

2. The screen is not fully dry, especially in winter, because the winter ink has the antifreeze composition, not volatile completely. Let the screen fully dry, the general winter time stays longer the summer and autumn times, and then pass the image (should pay attention to dust);

3. Large area of a single color, such as: all black / full red, etc. — 

A. Adjust the color becoming light

B. Replace the ink, 

C. Full dry screen (completely dry), 

D. Heating the image

E. Replace the more stong adhesive cold laminating film, the thinner, the better.

4. The ambient temperature is low, so that the cold mounted film surface is too hard — to increase the using of the ambient temperature;

5. Cold laminating film is too thick — change for thin cold laminating film;

6. After passing the image immediately rolled up. If the glue and the screen is not fully integrated, please after passing the image placed more than 45 minutes to roll up again.

7. glue aging — replace the cold laminating film.