Tarpaulin Customer From Jordan: Tareq and Annie

This is Tareq from Jordan, businessman who order PVC tarpaulin from CN.FORTUNE.

PVC Tarpaulin Customer Tareq From Jordan

Annie sent an inquiry of advertising printing material Tarpaulin, she has an engineering project, but firstly she must test the quality is good.

According to her inquiry, she paid more attention to quality, so I would emphasized our quality is good in our next conversation.

In order to talk about more detail, I suggest her to add my Whatsapp. Then she did add my Whatsapp, and established a group with Tareq. (Tareq is the boss of Annie.)

They preferred to get a sample when we sent all detail, and they were willing to pay the total cost. Lastly we were looking forward to their feedback of the sample.

They were satisfied when they got the sample. We promised to make the tarpaulin softer, and other quality must be the same as sample. Therefore, they would like to place an order to us.

At the end of the year just met the Spring Festival holiday, delivery time need to one month, but they would like to receive the goods urgently. They have ever thought to cancel the order, but in order to ensure product quality, they were willing to accept the delivery lastly. Production must be strictly in accordance with the process, we can not cut corners for transactions. 

In the end, we finished a order of one 20 foot container pvc tarpaulin.

What’s more, they were very satisfied with our goods when receiving the tarpaulin. “But now after saw the quality we are so happy. And we will cooperation always.”, Tareq said.

This big order from we received inquiry to collection deposit only 15 days. So made a deal depends on good quality.

PVC Tarpaulin Customer Review