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Reflective film, is a film has been made directly applicable retroreflective material. Made using glass bead technology, microprism technology, synthetic resin technology, thin film technology and coating technology and microreplication technology. Usually there are white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow-green.

Beginning in the 1940s, the initially manufactured reflective vinyl, widely used as a road traffic sign, was crowned with "engineering grade" reflective film. Since then, a series of products such as reflective vinyl for personal safety protection such as clothing have also been developed along with the advent of synthetic resins and the need of social development.

In the traditional habit, according to the structure of the reflective vinyl reflective unit, the reflective film is divided into two categories, a glass bead type reflective film and a microprism type reflective vinyl.

Reflective vinyl in accordance with the type of adhesive, reflective vinyl can be divided into heat-sensitive plastic reflective vinyl, pressure-sensitive adhesive reflective vinyl and non-self adhesive reflective vinyl. The traditional reflective sticker used in transportation facilities is mainly pressure-sensitive adhesive. Pressure-sensitive adhesive, without heating, solvent or other preparatory work can be attached to a smooth. Clean surface, traffic signs generally affixed to the aluminum or aluminum plate surface. The viscosity of the heat-sensitive adhesive is activated when the material is heated and pressure is applied. Non-self adhesive reflective vinyl, commonly used for self-supporting materials such as traffic cone reflective tapes, temporary roll-up warning signs and facility column reflective tapes.

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Mainly used in the production of a variety of reflective signage signs, vehicle number plates, safety equipment, etc. In the daytime with its vivid colors play a significant warning role in the light of night or lack of light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's ability to recognize. Seeing the target and arouse the vigilance, thus avoiding accidents, reducing casualties and economic losses. That can become an indispensable safety guard for road traffic, has obvious social benefits.

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