Magnetic Advertising Material

The magnetic advertising material is a kind of material that uses magnetic adsorption to quickly display advertisements. It is composed of a patented magnet film produced by an iron powder coating technology and a high-performance magnetic substrate.

Innovative magnetic receptive technology, completely solve the problems of traditional self- adhesive advertising materials, which is difficult to install, replace and remove.

All printing materials have no requirements of printing machines, suitable for all kinds of printing ink.

01. Features of class Magnetic Advertising Materials:

Quick Installation.

Easy Replacing, moving and reinstallation.

Reusable. It is Multi-Layer Overlapping, No foaming and waves.

Permanent Use. Easy to tear off without use, will not leave anything like glue marks. Torn off magnetic glue can also continue to be used anywhere else new.

02. Applications of class Magnetic advertising materials program:

 Hall advertising, exhibition function area signs, airports, railway stations and other public areas advertising, sports brand stores, chain stores and theaters, community, schools, government units Sea / Bulletin, bulletin boards and so on.

soft magnet rubber sheet

magnetic advertising material

Magnetic products have solved several major issues of the current traditional display KT board and Mounting adhesive: 

1. Solved the production, installation of complex issues.

Traditional adhesive PP printing, need to be mounted on the KT board. The process is complex, easy to foaming, affecting the display, and replaced by just a paste can be completed.

2. Solve the problem of longer installation time

Due to the complexity of installation and production, even with skilled workers, installing a 5M × 1M advertising screen takes half an hour. And now it can be easily changed in just a minute.

3. reduce labor costs

Traditional consumables require installation fees, cleaning fees, PP backing plastic KT board costs. With the current increase in domestic labor costs, the cost of the proportion of the total cost is larger, and the use of magnetic repeat advertising materials can be posted Save these costs.