Roll Up Stand

Roll up stand is also called posters, display stands. It is a Vertical promotional posters. Common in the flow of people and more of the streets, which can assist individual road shows promotional activities, or temporary stalls. The main material of roll up is plastic or aluminum alloy. Roll-up alternatives are street banners, road flags, posters, stickers and so on.

Roll up stand usually uses in the meeting, exhibitions, sales promotion and other occasions. It is the most frequently used and one of the most common Portable exhibition.

roll up stand


Conferences, exhibitions, sales promotion and other occasions.

Features introduction

1. Alloy materials, modeling concise, cheap price.

2. Lightweight and portable, easy to transport, carry, storage

3. Easy to install, easy to operate

4. Economical and practical, can change the picture many times

aluminum roll up stand


Material: steel, aluminum


Double-sided roll-up, desktop roll-up, electric roll-up |, fold-up roll-up, retractable roll-up roll, roll-up roll-up, Roll-up, luxury roll-up, single-roll roll-up, raindrop-style roll up.

double sides aluminum roll up stand

vertical electric aluminum roll up stand

telescopic aluminum roll up stand

single foot aluminum roll up stand

Common specifications

Common sizes are:

80cm × 200cm

85 cm × 200 cm

100cm × 200cm

120cm × 200cm


Roll up stand generally has a reel at the bottom, with a spring, when not using,the advertising screen roll back into the reel. When need to use the roll up stand, just pull up the cloth, with a stick in the back to support live can be used. When you need to use roll-up, follow these steps:

A. Turn the "roll up" foot to about 90 degrees, face down.

B. The "roll-up" on the drawing of the sticky paper on the surface removed, put a good picture at the paste alignment, alignment at both ends of the straight, so that it it easy to paste.

C. The plastic cover at the end of the hanging bar will be opened and the middle hard plastic bar will be drawn out. (The hard plastic bar will be affixed to the upper edge of the back of the screen by one centimeter-wide double-sided tape) Cover plastic cover.

D. Hold down the bottom end, pull the picture by hand and pull out the ring-shaped pin at the end of "roll-up", slowly retract the picture into the "roll-up" (Note: pull the picture and picture , Then pull off).

E. When using, should be placed in the "roll up" of the tri-fold metal rod to remove the connection. One end of the metal rod inserted in the "roll-up" triangular plastic openings, and then slowly out of the picture, Hook the top of the metal connecting rod can be.

F. To change the screen, pull the picture out, insert the pin into the original fixing hole, fix the screen, then repeat steps A to D operation. 80cmx200cm Yi Labao screen size: 79x200cm (Note: the screen size at the top of the blank side of 1cm, leaving the bottom 2cm)


A. Take out the main stick out of the roll up;

B. Open the two brackets on the bottom of the roll upright to the ground;

C. The main strut and the bottom bracket installed;

D. Pull the screen to connect it with the main strut;

E. Adjust the installation of the picture to make it smooth and beautiful.


A. Due to temperature causes around the screen easily lead to subtle curl, the proposed screen when not in use for a long time, please save the screen save; In addition, for the roll up screen curl issues, after years of development and improvement, no longer There will be a similar problem.

B. Roll up is the indoor promotional materials, should not be used outdoors. If has temporary publicity needs,  it is better to choose the best selection of good quality roll up base. What's more, it is better to put some heavy things on the roll up base after opening the roll up stand. Be sure not to damage the product.