Silk-like Fabric

Silk-like Fabric, also known as silver-carved cloth and high-gloss white canvas. It is made of silk satin as the base cloth, coated with ink-absorbing coating, divided into high glossy and matte. The mercerized crepe print surface retains the silky luster effect of the satin, and the printed image is shiny and bright.

Silk-like Fabric

Silk-like Fabric

Useing Scope:

Indoor and outdoor banners, hanging pictures, outdoor posters, X display stands, light box advertisements (inside lights), background layout, stage scenes, advertising presentations, commercial and residential interiors.


1 Do not touch the coating directly by hand.

2 Avoid spraying water directly onto the coating.

Common size:

0.61 m

0.914 m

1.27 m

1.52 m