Soft Backlit PVC Film

Soft Backlit PVC Film , which is a widely used interior decoration material in recent years. The translucent film ceiling can be combined with various lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent, LED lights) to create a dreamy, shadowless interior lighting effect.

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Soft Backlit PVC Film, Scrimless Backlit Flex, Framelss Backlit Flex

Scrimless backlit flex material is a special PVC banner without woven texture, suitable for all solvent-based or UV based inkjet printer and related digital printing  application, excellent light transmission for internally illuminated and backlit applications. Good ink absorption and color reproduction for long-lasting performs. Under special treatment, the material perform good capability of anti-UV and fire-resistant. 


1.Suitable for solvent or UV based printer printing, screen printing, good flexibility

2.Easy to absorb ink, quick drying, the graphics are brilliant.

3.Anti-UV, Anti-cold rain and anti-frost are available.

4.Good smoothness, soft, easy segmentation and installation.

5. More clear and visible image with back light due to high translucency.

6. Without woven texture, no lines with back light.


1. Billboard displays

2. Airport light box, metro station light box

3. Train shelter, bus shelter 

4. In-store displays.


Soft Backlit PVC Film is a new type of environmentally friendly ceiling product. The specially treated soft film ceiling can resist and prevent the growth of microorganisms (such as general mold) on the surface of the object. The soft film ceiling itself has anti-static function, so the surface will not be contaminated with dust. The soft film ceiling treatment can be wiped off with water regularly (usually once a month). If someone is dirty, such as oil smoke, sewage stains, you can use a general neutral detergent to clean, then wipe dry with a towel. If you accidentally contaminate the paint, you can use gasoline to clean it. Note: Do not spray strong corrosive substances such as concentrated acid and alkali.