Advertising inkjet 

Advertising inkjet generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising screens. The output of the screen is relatively large. The main publicity platforms used are outdoor highways, large supermarkets, high-altitude buildings and many other billboards. It is mainly use large width flex banner, backlit PET film and sticker. The picture accuracy of inkjet printing is mainly 35–50dpi. The advertising inkjet is popular with enterprises and organizations because of its large size, detailed information transmission and attractiveness!

Advertising Inkjet-Backlit PET film

Advertising Inkjet-PVC vinyl

Advertising Inkjet-Flex Banner


The main publicity platforms used are outdoor highways, large supermarkets, high-altitude buildings, large living communities and various billboards.

Form of Advertising inkjet 

1) From the perspective of color and precision, the early advertising inkjet printing was mainly driven by the printing industry, from the traditional 4A paper printing to the small adhesive color printing, from 1 color to today's 6 or 8 colors, from the resolution The rate is 8dpi to the current stable mainstream of 1440dpi, and even appeared up to 2880dpi advertising photo inkjet.

2) From the material of the inkjet, from the paper to the adhesive, to the light, or even directly on the plate, the material of the advertising inkjet is step by step to the market, the characteristics of professionalization and individualization, the medium of inkjet printing is not Restricted, and the size of the inkjet has more choices!

3) From the replacement of advertising inkjet machines, the previous inkjet equipment has been selling for decades, and then it is 10 years, 8 years, 5 years, and now, basically 2 years, the equipment is updated quickly. New devices are constantly emerging, and their functions are constantly improving and increasing.

4) From the perspective of economic efficiency, the advancement of advertising inkjet has prompted the emergence of new processes and finally applied to the market, such as UV inkjet printing. With the emergence of the new process of UV inkjet printing, the medium limit of traditional advertising inkjet has been broken. The personalized pattern can be sprayed on any flat plate and soft material, which greatly enhances the technology and technology of advertising inkjet.