PP sticker synthetic paper 

According to the coating,  PP sticker is suitable for three kinds of ink printing: eco-solvent &solvent ink, pigment ink and dye ink. The PP synthetic paper is eco-solvent ink to print  often called outdoor pp sticker or oily pp sticker. That can not cover the film and use for outdoor. Pigment ink printing for the pp sticker, it is called waterproof sticker pp. If it is not cover the film can only be used for indoor.  Dye ink printing for sticker pp is called water-based sticker pp. It is not waterproof. If it meet with the water, the coating is melted, so it must be covered the film for indoor.

PP sticker synthetic paper printing

Material Composition:

PP sticker synthetic paper is divided into four components.

The first is the coating, the above has been introduced.

Secondly, PP substrate. The thickness from 65 microns to 240 microns.

Thirdly, the glue. The market is divided into two, one is Water quality, but the sticky is not very good. Another one is oil glue, the glue smells not good, but the sticky is very good, the current market is mainly for this kind of glue.

Finally, PET release liner. It is the to tear off the layer that is not transparent film, ranging from 12 microns to 50 microns.

Use Precautions:

Normal advertising companies, whether spray the eco-solvent sticker pp or water-based sticker pp, will be covered a layer of film, that is, a layer of transparent transparent PVC protective film. The film is divided into three kinds, glossy film, matte film and mist film.  On the one hand,  it plays a protective effect. On the another hand, it can strengthen the picture texture.

 PP sticker glossy

PP sticker matte

PP sticker synthetic paper is greatly impacted by the temperaturet,  cannot resist high temperature, the high temperature will appear deformation. it also cannot resist low temperature, the low temperature will shrink slightly lead to curl. Therefore, the PP sticker synthetic paper are used in paste KT board, just for short-term using. Not suitable for exhibition in the outdoor long-term display.

The market can supply the specifications of the width is generally 0.914m,1.07m,1.27m,1.52m four conventional wide. There are the difference of the size of a -1 and -2, please pay attention when  purchasing.