Inkjet printer purchase and maintenance

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Inkjet printer purchase

1, the choice of brand. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of inkjet printers, so it is better to choose the products with excellent brands. The natural after-sales service ability and product quality of good brands will be more perfect.

2, the choice of material quality. Material selection is also very important, and the impact on the nozzle is quite large, such as purity, pH, water content, impurities, etc., which will directly affect the service life of the nozzle.

3. Selection of relevant parameters. Different nozzles and even the same nozzles have different specifications for the required inks due to their different printing voltages and oscillation frequencies.

4, the choice of print speed. Users should be aware that the standard speed is the main indicator for determining the efficiency of the inkjet printer, while the one-sided emphasis on the highest speed is actually a misleading behavior, which is not beneficial for future use.

5, the effect of printing. This is very important, this is based on the requirements of the screen you need.

6, printing ink safety and environmental protection. Good ink naturally has little effect on the human body, and the quality of printing is better, so the choice of printing ink is also very important.

Inkjet printer use

Customers who use high-speed inkjet printers for more than half a year are constantly neat, their environment is clean, the body is not sticky, and there is a reasonable management system. I have encountered such a customer, the environment does not say – simply can not get in, the machine is full of dust, and the customer and the staff also said in unison, it does not matter, dirty, messy, and will not affect the machine, The service life of the nozzle. This is probably a part of a typical Chinese. Such customers are very few. They may not realize that dust can easily enter the main ink tank and then into the secondary ink tank, and then enter the nozzle, affecting the print performance of the nozzle and shortening the nozzle. life. It is conceivable that no machine like this has a nozzle life of more than three months; at the same time, many customers are lost.

Inkjet nozzle cleaning and maintenance

After all the print jobs are completed every day, in order to keep the nozzles in optimal working condition and to avoid clogging the nozzles due to solvent evaporation, please use the following methods to maintain the equipment for the night.

1. Turn off the power of the device.

2. Clean the moisturizing sponge with a special cleaning solution, then pour the cleaning solution onto the sponge to soak it.

3. Move the handpiece back to the rightmost cleaning station and tightly bond the nozzle to the moisturizing sponge.

4. Keep this state for the device to stay overnight.

Inkjet printer fault repair

1. After the nozzle is slightly blocked, it is not hesitant to press the PAUSE button to pause the printing operation, then use the vacuum cleaner or the manual air pump to spray the ink from the nozzle to clean the nozzle. After the cleaning, the plastic squeeze bottle must be used. Spray some cleaning solution onto the nozzle surface to wash away residual ink.

Note: Do not use excessive force when using the manual air pump, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged due to excessive pressure.

2, timely and decisive and thorough handling of the nozzle slightly blocked is very important to maintain the best working state of the nozzle during long-time printing!

3. In addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the condition of the nozzle and find out the cause of the nozzle blockage.