Tips For Using Photo Inkjet Supplies

1. When using light cloth to inkjet, the length will be shorter, which should be considered as an objective fact.Because the light cloth has some certain thickness and concave-convex degree, the actually measured length is shorter than the length of the press wheel. Therefore, in the use of light cloth for inkjet, the length can be pulled manually a little longer, basically according to the proportion of 150:2, namely, 2cm per 1.5 meters, such as 4cm for 3 meters, up to 3.04 meters. 

2. After a few months, the film of outdoor inkjet advertising produces bubbles, wrinkles or peels. There are mainly two reasons for the phenomenon, on the one hand, the pressure may be too small in the process to protect film, but the main reason is the quality of the protective film (toughness, thickness, rapid viscose or continuous glue). The film quality is uneven on the market, so be careful in the course of purchasing, and do not cause a lot of waste because of quality of protective film. 

3. Some people have said that MO. brought by customers (picture made on Apple computer) cannot be opened on PC machine, thus it is unable to take over the business. There is special software – "Macopen" (open Apple), so that Apple format or PC format can be easily opened. 

4. When the consumer uses the outdoor coating adhesive film for car advertising or the local inkjet picture in the light box, the edge sealing waterproof processing shall be carried out (edge processing with flex glue, liquid film and waterproof wax) to prevent warping (separation between membrane and film). 

For outdoor adhesive material, the surface coating is waterproof superfine three-layer overlap, super white and delicate, void in the coating is arranged at fixed intervals, which can firmly lock the ink, make color delicate, improve the color saturation, with the Korean adhesive technology, strong adhesive, ensure long-term outdoor storage, and its unique characteristics of increasing viscosity with time make posting more convenient. 

The development of indoor adhesive paper is based on pigment ink, matte surface is exquisite, waterproof. It not only can be used to dye ink to make the surface of pigment ink excellent, and can be stored outdoors for a short time. 

The flex banner adapted to solvent ink is mainly scraping cloth, with strong waterproof coating, tensile resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time. 

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