signage of traffic signs

the function of the traffic signage:

firstly, the traffic signage has a role of a marker. the sign is mainly through the visual performance to show. for example: text convey.  mark is a symbolic, directional and suggestive features. text style can show the character and background. morphology and symbols together show the symbolic and constructive significance.

secondly, the sign is a kind of information communication media. it has the function of advertising.

according to the plate shape classification:

1. horizontal signage: the entire proportion of horizontal longer. the whole surface is used as an advertising sign. generally seen in the walls of small shops and large buildings.

2. vertical signs: the entire proportion of vertical longer. the whole surface is used as an advertising sign.

3. protracted signage: prominent in the wall of the building, in addition to the back of the whole or both sides of the wall on both sides of the case have been used as advertising carrier signs.

4. cylindrical column signs: marked on the ground some of the fixed structure of horizontal, vertical, three-dimensional signs.

5. rooftop signage: refers to the roof of a building set up some fixed structures, and hung on or attached to the board-shaped square or fantasy sign.

sort by tag material:

1. smooth signs: the screen or board is oily, very smooth.

2. luminous material signs: luminous material (that is, we usually say neon lights).

3. acrylic acid quality signs (acrylic): acrylic material is the main marking material of  plate material signs.

4. metal plate: in the absence of special designation of the case, the plate or text uses a metal as the main material signs.

5. light board: using light-emitting diode or luminous tube to achieve monochrome or color performance signs. with light the diode and performance, that can be divided into luminous luminous panels, lcd, led, crt, fdt and other five categories.

traffic signage

traffic signage