Usage precautions of photo paper

1. Ink cartridge and photo printing paper must be made of the items in the same package. 

Ink Cartridges

Photo Paper

2. The shiny side of photo printing paper is printing surface, and put photo printing paper in the paper tray with the printing surface upward. It is impossible to print an image when it is put in the wrong place. 

3. Do not touch the photo printing pictures, and otherwise, the fingerprints on the surface of the print will produce poor effects. 

4. If the ink film of the ink cartridge is loose, please tighten the film in the direction of the arrow and make sure it is put into use. 

5. Do not touch it immediately after the text is printed by word processor, otherwise it will stain and ooze. 

Precautions in printing 

1. Do not contact the photo printing surface directly with adhesive tape or PVC table mat or business card box, plastic eraser and so on. Because of the chemical action, the color will change and the bad situation will happen. 

2. In printing, the sound created by movement of the ink film on the photo paper is normal and will not affect the quality of the printing. 

3. After the photo paper that has been printed contacts other paper materials (excluding general adhesive tape) for a long time, printed surface will be pasted together, do not press it, otherwise the photo surface will peel off and transfer. 

4. Do not place it in a place with high temperature or humidity for a long time. After it has been preserved for a long term, the color may change after printing.